Brother Love
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Kanji おにあい
Rōmaji Oniai
Release Date October 5, 2012
Duration 25 minutes
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N/A Episode 2
Brother Love (おにあい Oniai) is the 1st episode of Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!. It was first aired in Japan the 5th of October, 2012.

At the beginning, Akiko is shown making her way to Akito's house, her brother. She greets him, and he does the same. Akiko then takes a bath, expecting Akito to peep on her while she does so. When she realizes he's not coming, she leaves to scold Akito for not peeking at her, and the tells him that shes going in again and she expects him to do the right thing this time. Akiko is left disappointed.

During dinner, Akiko tries to explain what her personality is, as a bro-con. Akito continuously changes the topic, which annoys her. While getting ready for bed, they discuss the fact that Akiko can't sleep in his bed with him. She misunderstands and thinks that he's bold enough to taker on the floor. Akito denies it, saying he's sleeping alone period. Akiko apologizes to Akito, and tells him that she must have gotten carried away after not seeing him in 6 years. He agrees, and just when Akito thought that it was over, Akiko goes on to say that she will sneak into his room- only to be cut off as Akito shuts the door.

The next morning, Akito and Akiko are eating breakfast talking about stuff. Akiko tells Akito that she loves him, and he responds with a 'I love you back'. She then goes to fantasize about how they will be together forever just the two of them. And then reality hits her in the face, having her discover Akito has 3 female friends.

The next scene shows them at school, as they all make up the student council. As they are leaving, they note how Akiko seems pissed. When they get home, they prepare dinner, and then argue over who gets to sit next to Akito. Akiko immediately starts saying that she will be the only one to sit next to him and feed him, which causes Akito to say he can feed himself, which prompts the girls to basically tell him he has no say in the matter. The girls proceed to tell Akiko that they are brother and sister and she can't participate in their bout. Akiko then yells out that she loves her brother. Akito then tells her that she will always be important to him, and that he loves her.

Akiko starts fantasizing about them getting married, while the other girls are complimenting their relationship, and she leans in to kiss him. only to be brought out of the fantasy by Akito, who tells her he loves her as a sister of course.